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This is a blog covering several information about Microsoft Dynamics AX Performance.

This involves all aspects of performance tuning, from developers, to SQL admins. In general, guides to enable AX implementors to plan, configure, customize and deploy AX solutions with best performance options.

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About Dynamics AX - Performance

M.Yakup Kirişci is Technical Team Manager for ETG Consulting. As part of the Development Team he focuses on the enterprise development projects. Yakup is responsible for technical readiness and in particular IT Professional readiness. Yakup has been a resorce at several Dynamics AX technical seminars and training events organized by Microsoft Turkey and ETG Consulting. He is a major advocate for enterprise deployments of Product Builder module, speaking on topics such as performance, architecture planning and design, deployment and upgrade, administration and operation. Yakup also focuses on trainings, blogs and other technical readiness materials related to Dynamics AX. He holds BS from Istanbul Technical University. Specialities: 1. SQL Server Maintenance & Installation (e.g. 1 TB AX DBs) over 10 years experience 2. 7 years X development experience (being responsible over 40 AX installations and customizations / more than 20 full cycle projects) 3. MCT since 2007 (as an instructor for SQL Server, AX Development, Product Builder, BI @ AX) 4. Technical lead and manager of 14 developers in various projects 5. Development and implementation of Product Builder for several enterprise customers
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